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Q – Can my guys wear a winter knit cap while wearing a hard hat?

A – In a Letter of Interpretation dated April 17, 2006, OSHA specifically answered the question of whether the regulations prohibit an employee from wearing a scarf, cap or other item on his head for the purpose of cold weather protection, while wearing a hard hat.

OSHA stated that while the regulations do not specifically prohibit the use of cold weather garments under hard hats. All hard hats must conform to ANSI Z89.1-1969 and Z89.2-1971, which recommend the use of “winter liners” that are specifically designed for use with hard hats. They stressed that the “winter liner” must be compatible with the hard hat’s protective properties and implied that a knit cap would likely interfere with the hard hat’s protective properties.

Finally, OSHA clarified that some manufacturer’s, like Bullard, prohibit the use of any accessory inside a hard hat. Bullard believes that the use of even a liner: “may limit the necessary protective clearance between the hard hat shell and the wearer’s head”. April 17, 2006 OSHA Interpretive Letter to Mark Kasel,

However, Both FibreMetal and MSA sell hard hat liners designed to be worn under a hard hat in the winter. Diamond Tool carries a wide variety of safety products including hard hat liners:

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Diamond Tool secures Al Capone’s Prison

Diamond Tool helps secure Al Capone’s Prison

Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP), was once considered the world’s oldest and most famous penitentiary. It was also the former home to notorious gangster Al Capone. The 184 year-old structure, now a museum and Halloween attraction, requires constant restorations and repairs to keep the penitentiary safe for patrons and employees. A unique combination of historic landmark and popular attraction, ESP has to stay on top of their safety game to keep their doors open. Diamond Tool has assisted ESP in these safety efforts.

Bob Kelley, our Manager of Safety Services, and Dan Kane, our Director of Safety Services, made a visit to ESP. “They initially called us for a roof top replacement project at the jail. They needed training for rough terrain forklifts for their employees and contractors,” Bob explains.

Dan was concerned with ESP’s unique safety needs, as old buildings are not always compatible with current safety products. Dan advises: “There is a differednt challenge in providing safety services for an older building. One of the most important differences relate to anchors for fall protection. A lot of the anchors that we look at are made for newer conventional construction. At this prison, you’re dealing with old timbers, old wood structures, so it requires the contractors to be diligent. One problem is installing an anchor point in aged wood. This type of wood can be extremely hard or extremely brittle. As a fall protection safety consultant, my goal was to survey the unique structure while keeping in mind the application specific products available for fall protection anchor points. There is no one “adjustable wrench” for fall protection.”

Bob Kelley and Dan Kane made another safety inspection visit to help determine any safety issues for employees or the general public in relation to the Halloween exhibit.  Bob recounted, “We went through the whole jail, looking at fall protection issues, handrail issues, emergency escape issues, and hearing protection. They wanted to make sure their employees were safe under OSHA regulations and we helped them in this regard. One recurring issue was hearing protection. “They turned the speakers on for me, and the sound was piercing. I remember chain saws, screams, and music. We had to work around the fact that they couldn’t take away from the fear factor. I gave them their options in terms of maintaining compliance with OSHA regulations, using a hearing protection program. “People who work there, makeup people, tour guides, actors, people in costume, they’re continuously exposed to the noise. They have a constant exposure over an eight-hour shift while the visitor is only there for a short time

Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the many unique locations that Diamond Tool helps stay safe for employees